JUPITER developed by FlexCap Energy is a flexible thin-film primary battery product line with three standard voltages in the offering: 1.5V/3.0V/4.5V. 

It can also be customized to fit your specific application in terms of the shape, thickness, voltage and capacity. With superior performance and  environmentally sustainable, JUPITER can be widely used in smart wear, logistics, packaging and other fields.

FLEXIBLE: Bending radius up to 60°, consistent output under bending

SAFE: No toxic and harmful substances, leak-proof design

STABLE: Temperature Range between -20°C to 60°C


  • Shapes
  • Capacity
  • Voltage/Current
  • Thickness

JUPITER Single Cell 1.5V (J-N01-S)

JUPITER Double Cell 3.0V (J-N01-D)

JUPITER Triple Cell 4.5V (J-N01-T)