Initiate the Dawn of Flexible Energy Storage

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), fully flexible energy storage is desperately needed to meet customers’ requirements. Wearability is considered a paramount factor in the world of wearable electronics, making the seamless integration between humans and devices essential.

With a network of industrial collaborators and academic partners, FlexCap Energy strives to continuously support R&D efforts to provide fully flexible thin-film energy storage solutions suited for the IoT industry. Device bending and stretching are rigorously tested to ensure that the thin-film batteries provided by FlexCap Energy are capable of withstanding mechanical deformations without sacrificing device performance.

 Product Lines

JUPITER Flexible Thin-Film Primary Batteries

  • JUPITER is a customizable thin-film primary battery product line
  • 3 Standard Voltages: 1.5V/3.0V/4.5V
  • Customizable for any application
  • Application Areas: Active RFIDs, Smart Logistics, Smart Labels, Wearables, Health Monitoring, Flexible Displays
  • NEPTUNE is a self-sensing/water-activated battery product line
  • Use moisture as the activation stimuli 
  • Application Areas: Sweat Sensing, Moisture Detection, Flood Protection, Smart Diapers, and Environmental Sensing