FlexCap Energy provides customizable flexible thin-film energy storage products, with capacity ranging from 5mAh to 300mAh.

This type of disposable thin-film batteries applies to smart textiles, wearable electronics, medical devices of the IoT, active RFID tags, low power-consumption Bluetooth transmitters such as VR and other IoT sensors. Thin-film energy storage products can be stretched or bent without affecting performance. Our engineering team also provides customers with comprehensive support to integrate flexible products into wearable devices. We work closely with our partners to ensure our products‘ quality and improvements in performance.


  • Stable operating voltage platform
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Ultra-thin structure, fully flexible design
  • Excellent design on leakproof
  • Given with good safety profile
  • Eco-friendly: no toxic or harmful substances
  • Customizable: including voltage, size, shape and capacity, etc.

Application Areas

  • Fully flexible wearable devices
  • IoT sensors
  • low power-consumption Bluetooth transmitters
  • Active RFID for logistics and warehouses
  • Health monitoring
  • Sports performance monitoring